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When you take into account the rapid evolution of the Health Information Technology Industry, it becomes obvious that the need for tomorrow’s technology has arrived today. This complex environment has prompted the need for an innovative information solution that responds to the growing number of challenges faced on all sides of the healthcare sector. Seeing this need, MSO of Puerto Rico, LLC. (MSO) has responded by developing the very solution that was needed: The InnovaMD Health Information Exchange (HIE) Hub. This technological break through allows the effective communication of clinical and administrative health information across a variety of health care systems.

In its commitment to technology and the pursuit of better healthcare for all patients MSO developed the first HIE Hub in Puerto Rico through the InnovaMD provider portal. This portal serves all areas of healthcare and our HIE Hub will connect providers, patients, and partners so all sides can work together to take our local healthcare to the next level.

Focusing on interoperability, InnovaMD serves as an integral solutions provider that breaks through the disparity across countless systems and effectively unites them. Using our secure platform, certified healthcare providers are able to safely send and receive medical information from any place, at any time. From physicians, to pharmacies and PBMs, to hospitals, health plans, laboratories, radiology centers, healthcare associations, PHRs and beyond, the HIE Hub serves to unify all of them to form a single, cohesive healthcare system.

Among the many features available, InnovaMD participating physicians will be able to receive vital information for the treatment of a patient, organize laboratory and radiology procedures, and see their corresponding results. Moreover, they will have access to clinical profiles, family records, electronic prescriptions (e-Prescribing), information about different medicines, health conditions and prevention alerts.

In Puerto Rico, the Ponce Medical School (PMS) represents the Regional Extension Center (REC) assigned for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. MSO’s alliance with them is a key part to their mission to implement and adopt Electronic Health Records (EHR) in the healthcare industry. The PMS will work alongside InnovaMD to allow certified providers access to patients’ medical information under strict regulations to ensure complete compliance with confidentiality, privacy and security.

Above all, we strive to provide a safe and secure Health Information Exchange. This means that along with our commitment to continually expand our network of healthcare providers and partners, we’ll also be able to give patients the best care to meet all of their health needs.